Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let the fun begin!!!

Well it is the official start to my junior year on Tuesday, September 2. Hurricane Gustav may make that impossible. I am feeling very sorry for the people in the northern gulf coast as they have already begun evacuations, but we are not totally out of the path yet. He could make a turn towards the west and hit us, although I highly doubt that will happen. We are prepared with water, gas and nonperishables. I am hoping that we do not have to evacuate because BJ had a football game yesterday and he was hit by a player on the other team and broke his tibia/ fibia bones in his shin. It was a clean break but he cannot move around and can only sit on the couch waiting for us to be at his beck and call. He HATES that. He is a very independent child who is very active and this is absolutely killing him, which is killing me!
Here are a few photos from our day yesterday!

right before the game...

after the injury and Dad brought "Josh" to visit (can you see how utterly ticked off he is?)

After we got home and settled...which is no easy feat!

He had 3 of his teammates stop by for a visit to make sure he was okay! He is a super duper trooper and I know he will be fine, however, it may take a little while. (physically and mentally) I am anxious to see what the doctor will say about his activity level. I got to see the x-ray and it was a clean break, which was a good thing. I was happy that there was no crazy breakage!

Please keep him in your prayers and pray that he has quick, painfree healing.

Thanks and I hope everyone stays safe from Gustav AND Hanna (for my East Coast friends!)


Heather said...

Get Well Soon, B!! We are praying for you and your sweet little leg. :)